and the winner is…

During the months of August and September 2019 we ran a competition to see who could design the best play n display feature for our frames. The rules were simple, design a play n display shelf scene to show off a few minifigs, take a photo and send it to us. Well a fair few of you did so and we are very happy to announce the winner of our competition.

Our panel of expert judges had a very emotional back and forth whilst discussing the various merits and virtues of our entries and, eventually, they drew up a shortlist of contenders. Drawn from all the entries across multiple media platforms our judges shortlisted 4 fantastic entries. These were

Classic Space Base by Jonathan Find Andreasen

Countryside Scene by Zac Powell

Party at Emmet’s House! by Simon Lindskog

Timeline of life by Jago Foord

All of these entries were brilliantly designed (and they weren’t the only ones, several more only missed out on shortlisting due to the required brevity of a shortlist). The four shortlisted entries were examined in great detail by our judges and discussed at length, until a winner emerged triumphant from the wreckage of our judges tired and spent artistic criticisms.

and the winner, by a tile’s breadth, is…..

Simon Lindskog

Emmet’s Party House. The judges were impressed by the colourful, whimsical and original scene, perfect for showing off the Lego Movie 2 minifigs. It stood out as the scene you want to be invited to. We are happy to announce our winner and having sent a display frame to our champion are looking forward to showing off a picture of Simon with his frame as soon as the sun finally rises again after the bleak Swedish winter and gives enough light for a good photo.

Do you think our judges made the right decision? Check out the Contest Entries Gallery and see all the entries (except 1 that is on Instagram and I can’t seem to get into the gallery – sorry) yourself and leave a comment telling us which one you think is best.

Thank you all who entered, not only was it a joy to view your creations it also meant a lot to us here at Display Frames UK to know that we are a small part of the Lego community and that we have fans all over the world – or maybe people just like free stuff. Either way we are very pleased with how the competition ran, we do apologise for the lateness of the announcement, and we hope to run more in the future.

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  1. Jago Foord

    I think that for a minifigure based competition, the winning entry certainly makes the best use of minifigs! Whenever you get a new minifigure, you would be able to add it into the display and have it be integrated well. Anyway, congrats to the winner, and well done to everyone who submitted an entry 🙂

  2. ZUCK150

    Thank you!!

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