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Front Opening Frames

Your figures love interacting with their fellow brick buddies.

Let your imagination run wild as our extra deep shelves allow you the space to build your own custom play scenes or backdrops for your figures to really immerse themselves in.

Give a home to your collection of minifigures, including the likes of Marge Simpson, Ursula, Poseidon, Ariel and Medusa that have been left out in the cold for too long just for being either too tall, too deep (not philosophically) for having too many tentacles or for loving bulky accessories (I’m looking at you shark suit guy!)

End their suffering and buy this frame today.

New Miniscenes for 2023

Series 24 is Here!

With Lego’s unstoppable march towards an entire world populated by Minifigures the question comes up again and again,

where are you going to keep them all?

You’ll need some digs for those figs




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Many years later and I can pin point the moment I fell in love with Minifigures. I had just bought my first collectable minifig pack on my lunch break, it was series 4. I took it back to the office, back to my desk and opened it. Inside was…….

New Frames

Front Opening

Extra Deep Shelves

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I wanted to earn some money whilst staying at home with the children, create a stylish product I can be proud of and stop my husband spending so much time playing with Lego. Well two out of three ain't bad.
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