New for 2020: Digs For Figs

We are no longer Display Frames UK, we are now Digs for Figs. We feel that our new name is more representative of the company we want to be. It is memorable and fun.

What was once our tag line has now become our official name. You may have noticed the website address has changed, you may even have tried to get to only to end up here, well that’s the power of the internet. You are now on the page and that’s how we hope it will stay.

So don’t be alarmed, we have the same site, the same product, the same great customer service, all that has changed is the name.

New for 2019: Front opening Frames.

We have worked hard to bring you the next step in our frames, front opening. Yes, we know, its a door, but what a door! It has hinges, and opens and closes. The frame has small magnets in to keep the door closed.

The door is slightly larger than the frame, giving a beautiful framed look, this means the frame has to be wall mounted. It stays on the wall through the use two hangers.

This frame keep can hold many figures, as much as 315 figures. there are 7 shelves, each shelf is 64 studs wide and 6 studs deep, this means it can hold three rows of figures on each shelf totalling 45 figs per shelf.