Digs for FIGS

Display Frames UK began in 2013

We originally hand built our frames in our garage at home.

Now we have them commercially designed and built specifically for Lego Minifigures

Digs for FIGS

How did we get here?

I was on my lunch break, I would leave the office and walk the short distance to the parade of local shops. Whilst at the counter of Tesco Extra, my bag laden with unhealthy snacks and a token piece of fruit, I noticed they were selling Lego men (this was before I knew they were called minifigures) behind the counter. I decided to buy one. I got back to the office and, whilst I tucked into my crisps and sandwich, I opened the pack only to find a small sailor minifig. Wow, what quality, what design. How cool. It even came with a little leaflet that showed me all the other minifigs in that series. And this was series 4.

That lunch-break marks the end of my dark ages and the beginning of my journey back into the world of Lego, it is probably this route back into Lego that influenced my main love, Minifigs. I consider myself a minifig collector and over the next couple of years I had grown my collection to number into the hundreds. With so many minifigs I needed some way to hold them, to store them – to DISPLAY them.

I checked online and found an avid AFOL (Adult fan of Lego) community talking about their own collections. I then saw how they stored and displayed their figures and I began to work on my own display. I bought a couple of ribba frames from Ikea and turned them into a display frame with shelves. I thought they looked quite nice. So did some of my friends. Two of whom suggested I should sell them, so I thought about it and decided to make a few more and see if they sold. They did. I sold them on e-bay for a profit. I then went on to make more and more until I was busy spray painting wood and gluing in shelves long into the night. I always worried that someone would come along and do it better, do it professionally.

After months of worrying about this, my wife decided to do it herself. Well she asked if it was a good idea, and I said ‘hell yeah’. And so Display Frames UK was born. We found a manufacturer of picture frames and worked with them to create a frame the perfect size for displaying minifigures. We ordered them in the hundreds and sold them on-line. Then we went ahead and improved our product, making it open at the front. It has taken us a while to get here, but now we are actively selling our new ‘front opening’ frames and we look forward to bringing more products to market in the future.

That is how I became a minifigure collector and my wife became an entrepreneur.