A job lot of Lego – pt3

A Tale of Two Job Lots

With great excitement and a little trepidation I starting looking into the big blue bag; my second job lot that I was gifted for my birthday. This really is a tale of two job lots, both at differing ends of the scale. The previous job lot was the remnants of a once grand collection, with many figures lost, chewed or drawn upon. This is a more organised job lot. The figures are in good shape and it looks like the owner kept most of his sets together. There are instruction booklets (actual instruction booklets) for some of the sets to be found within. Some are separated out into partially built sets and there is even a box or two!


Boxes are often thrown away as soon as the set is opened and although I have a collection of flattened boxes in my loft I was very surprised to open the bag and find the Hulkbuster suit Box. Imagine my delight when I found it was also mostly built inside the box. This set is from the Avengers: Infinity War releases and depicts a scene from that film. The four minifigures included are: Bruce Banner, Falcon, Outrider and Proxima Midnight. The latter is the most interesting of these figures but the Bruce Banner is a welcome variant of a very popular character.

Brand New In Box

The other box is actually unopened! Yes, that’s right, someone sold my wife second hand lego with an unopened set. From what my wife told me the lady who sold it was annoyed her son wasn’t playing with his lego anymore and the fact that he hadn’t even opened a set she bought him justified her decision to sell it. It’s not a set I am familiar with but I’m all about the minifigures and this one includes Mace Windu and General Grievous. The latter of these two being a very unique figure with his four arms and four lightsabres. I opened the set and quickly built it, the space ship isn’t very impressive but the minifigs are. I also checked that General Grievous would fit into a certain Display Frame and I can assure you that he fits nicely.

A Mammoth Set

It also looks like there are several artic sets, most of them partially built. So I checked the instruction booklets and there are 4 of them, they are all from one set. 60195 – Artic Mobile Exploration Set. Whilst this is a city set and not one I would have chosen I am quite interested in the figures and the large Mammoth that comes with it. The vehicles themselves are quite interesting and look to be a fun build – when I get around to it. The set comes with no less than 6 minifigures; including an artic climber (complete with frozen face) and 5 explorers. I’m not entirely sure where I stand with city Minifigures, I have a lot, even some very old classic ones, but I am yet to attempt to display them in any coherent way. This is probably because it is so overwhelming. By my count there currently exist over two thousand Town minifigs across all the years, how is anyone expected to collect, catalogue and display so many figures?

Great Potential

From a glance through the remaining instruction booklets it looks like there is definitely a chance of some great figures here. There is the Star Wars set of the fight on Naboo between Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Darth Maul. I would be particularly chuffed to find the Darth Maul figure, not that I wouldn’t want Obi-Wan or Qui-Gon. I do already have a Darth Maul but my figure doesn’t have the cool little head piece that gives him his impressive horns. I haven’t seen this fig yet but I hope it is here. The creator sets and the speed racer set look pretty cool too, but the one that has me most excited is the Flash set.


If you haven’t already figured it out I am a nerd. I’m a big fan of Marvel and DC figs but I’m also a fan of the films and TV series. I enjoyed the Netflix Marvel shows and Agents of shield, and although i’m not completely up to date with all their series, I enjoy the DC series too, expecially the Flash. I have watched the first three series and I particularly enjoyed the first one with the Reverse Flash (or Zoom as he is also known). I wasn’t aware of all of the flash’s villains and so seeing a yellow reverse flash on screen was cool, seeing him in Lego minifigure form is even cooler. I’m a big fan of minifigures that have variants, there are a bunch of Iron Man suits (I particularly like it when they are different enough to spot from a distance like the Iron Patriot suit and War Machine) and a host of Batman figures. I think the Yellow flash will complement my existing traditional red flash really well. So fingers crossed that he is in here, also in the that set is Killer Frost (a bad name but a cool character) and Cyborg.

I’ll work my way through the blue bag picking out the figures and seeing which ones I can match up, hopefully they are in a better state than the previous batch and I won’t need to swap arms and hands around. Also I hope that some of the promise of this job lot lives up to the potential and competes with the previous job lot’s impressive haul.

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