Front Opening White Minifig Display Frame


Front Opening Black Minifig Display Frame


For a £24.99 reduction on the price of a display frame use coupon code below (note this means you will NOT receive base plates)


Do you have enough LEGO already?

I know that sounds like a silly question, of course you don’t have enough, you can never have ENOUGH Lego. However if you have plenty of Lego in your collection then maybe you’ll want to buy one of our frames without the Base Plates. We buy our plates direct from so if you would rather receive a frame without them then simply use the above text as a coupon code (NOBASEPLATES – all one word, all capitals) and you will save £24.99 on each frame you purchase. 

Add the frame to your basket and enter the coupon code at check out, you can add the code once and we will apply the coupon to all the frames in the basket. Use the coupon code today and we will send you a Front Opening Lego Minifigure Display frame for the great price of £75.