56 Black Lego Base Plates


56 Genuine Black Lego Base Plates to fit the display frame

4 in stock (can be backordered)


56 BLACK REMOVABLE LEGO® BASE PLATES INCLUDED: (6×8 studs) We use genuine brand new Lego® plates


Our frames are built with flat shelves, so if you want your minifigs to stand up straight with no slouching then we advise you to purchase the base plates.

For UK and European customers they will be sent with your frame, and by utilising Bricklink we can offer them at the great price of £24.99

For US customers we will be ordering them direct from Lego.com at a cost of around $40. They will arrive separate from your frame and may take longer to arrive. If you are a VIP on Lego.com you may want to order them yourself and gain the VIP points. We do not make any profit from selling these, except where the US tax system is a pain in the butt and we round by a few dimes to make it easier for us. If you do want to order them yourself then follow this link and you should find yourself able to order plates. Use the item code – 303626 for Black plates or 303601 for White plates.

If you have any questions about this or problems ordering plates then please get in touch with us by email – minifigs@digsforfigs.com


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