Joy Prince

I have always loved Lego (80’s space Lego was my thing) and after getting through the Lego dark ages (Teens, Uni, Parenthood) I was lucky enough to get a job in a shop which sold new and pre-owned Lego…I got paid to build Lego…Heaven!! I also had the opportunity to build a few of my own creations for the window and shop displays. These included Olympic rings and events for the Olympic minifigures,, Easter Eggs and flowers, a giant ‘Jack Skellington’ for Halloween and a Christmas Nutcracker figure.

I have continued to collect Lego and especially love ship and anything with innovative ‘SNOT’ (Studs Not On Top) building techniques and fun moving parts. My love of building things extends beyond ego into pretty much any Art and Craft material I can get my hands on from Dress-Making to wood carving via Beads, Fimo, Crochet, Painting and Drawing. I love discovering new techniques. I currently live in Taunton with my 19yr old daughter and our 2 crazy cats.

Pat Logan

Technic is my area of expertise, I’m fascinated by complex vehicles and structures. I love to make moving models and I have dabbled in stop motion films using my own Lego creations for years. You can see some of them (along with my Gundam stop motion vids) on youtube. Legosman. I never entered the fabled ‘Lego dark ages’ having the good sense to keep working (playing really) with Lego into adulthood. I pretty much spend all my disposable income on the stuff, much to the annoyance of my wife; my two boys are happy though. I currently work in an independent Lego shop in Exeter – Brick and Mix.

Darren Smith

Having loved Lego as a child I started collecting again as an adult about 25 years ago. I collect all themes and eras and have amassed quite a collection in that time, probably too much! About 15 years ago I found out I wasn’t alone and joined Brickish (the UK association for Adult Fans of Lego) and spent a few years creating models to display at shows around the country, including a 4 ft long Routemaster bus with several buildings and large scale minifigure statues. I started selling Lego at first to support my hobby, but this turned into a full time job selling parts online on Bricklink about 10 years ago. More recently I have opened an independant Lego shop in Exeter, Devon called ‘Brick and Mix’ which includes a large display case with custom models, a build zone where you can create whatever you can imagine and then take it home and a shop that sells new, used and hard to find Lego sets, gear and minifigures.

Brick and Mix is a family run business. I run the shop with support from my wife, Claire. My two young daughters help by letting me know what is ‘cool’ and they keep me grounded by being brutally honest with their opinions! I also enjoy watching films, new and retro video gaming, and playing with my cats.